Tokyo In A Nutshell

Everyone knows Japan is great. And it’s likely that you are already somewhat knowledgeable about the oriental nation’s historical uprising to where it is today. So let’s just get straight to the point (or rather, the city) — Tokyo!

Why Tokyo?

If you’ve been to Japan in the past, you would undoubtedly agree that no trip to the Land of The Rising Sun is complete without making a trip to visit the legendary capital city.

So the question then is not “why Tokyo?”, but rather it is “why haven’t you visited Tokyo yet?”

Indeed, Tokyo is considered one of the most densely-packed metropolitan cities in the world (if you aren’t aware), and with a population that massive, it’s pretty much a certainty that you will have more than enough activities and experiences to cover in your magical Tokyo itinerary.

Think about it this way. 

Where else in the country could you ever fathom paying a visit to the world’s most famous fish auction or getting the opportunity to pray at one of the multitudes of century-old temples and shrines or even having some of the best Japanese food in town? And to think, all of these experiences can be found rather easily within the fringes of this iconic city.

Today, Tokyo offers seemingly unlimited sights, sounds, and experiences for visitors to take in. So much so, that it can sometimes be overwhelming to take in everything at once. But fret not, for that’s what a travel itinerary is for.

For a worry-free Tokyo jaunt, you may look at the nearly infinite number of sample itineraries found on the Internet.

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