There’s Plenty of Accommodation Option In JB

As far as nearby travel destinations go, Johor Bahru is not a total unknown. 

The city is a popular weekend jaunt for the friendly citizens of Singapore (whenever the borders are open anyway) and even the locals are inclined to visit once in a while — mainly for food hunting, at least.

But first and foremost, if you’re braving the notoriously jam-packed JB checkpoint, you should definitely make your trip an overnight endeavour.

Where To Stay In Johor Bahru

For one, you’ll have more time to explore and devour all the delicious food JB has to offer. Secondly, you’ll also be feeling much more refreshed after a good night’s sleep at one of the many affordable accommodation options in the area.

Need some recommendations for a quick one-night trip to JB?

There are plenty of affordable options in the city centre. We would recommend a stay at either Belllo Hotel or New Boutique Hotel — two great options and both are within walking distance to Jalan Dhoby.

Alternatively, you could always fall back on booking an Airbnb if you’d prefer avoiding hotels for whatever reason.

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