The UK Hits The Highest Number of Reported Daily Covid-19 Cases — Partly Due To More Tests

Britain recorded a peak in daily Covid-19 cases on Thursday — numbering 6,634 — which reflects the purported second wave of infections sweeping through the nation.

One possible reason for this is that there is more testing being done as compared to the first wave of infections. 

Covid 19 Outbreak

Thursday’s number was up from 6,178 cases the previous day, which in of itself saw a massive jump from 4,926 the day before.

While the government has estimated that there are fewer daily cases currently (estimated at less than 10,000 cases daily) as compared to the peak 100,000 cases in the first wave, that isn’t to say this number won’t increase with time.

And with the testing facilities being under constant strain (although testing capacity has been increased since the first wave), it certainly looks like the worst is yet to come. Many people are now reporting that they are unable to get their tests done or have had to travel long distances — thereby potentially spreading the disease across a wider area in the country. Also, delays in getting the results back in a timely manner have led to heavy criticism of the system.

At the peak of the pandemic, Britain was reporting more than 1,000 deaths per day and is also the country with the highest death toll in Europe, standing at 41,902 deaths so far.

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