The Main Attractions In Batu Caves

Other than the yearly joyous festivities of Thaipusam, there are four main attractions found in Batu Caves that you may visit all year round. These attractions are the Cathedral or Temple Cave, Dark Cave, Cave Villa, and Ramayana Cave.

However, the Cathedral Cave is the most frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Cathedral Cave/Temple Cave

Allow us to reiterate once more. The main cave in Batu Caves is known as Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave. This popular cavern may be accessed by climbing a steep, rainbow-coloured flight of stairs up to the entrance of the cave

Along the way, you may encounter groups of cheeky critters attempting to snag a quick bite. Feeding them is highly discouraged. And you should also keep your belongings well out of view as they have been known to swipe non-edibles such as sunglasses and cameras from tourists.

Once you’ve conquered the arduous challenge of scaling the 272 steps (burning plenty of precious calories in the process) to the top, you will be met face-to-face with a massive cave and a high vaulted ceiling. This cave houses several Hindu shrines beneath its 100-metre high ceiling, with small openings to naturally light up the temple — offering visitors the opportunity for an excellent photo op.

There’s no admission fee to visit the Temple Cave, though you may leave a donation in one of the collection boxes if you wish.

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