Reskilling Scheme Being Considered for MAG Staff

Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) is offering a reskilling programme to more than 2,000 of its employees including pilots, cabin crew, and other front-line community employees.

Reskilling Scheme For 2,000 Malaysia Airlines Staff

The company has said that the programme is aimed at employees affected by the ever-progressing Covid-19 pandemic which has caused a massive decline in operational capacity in the travel industry at large.

The up-skill programme, named MH EDGILE, is intended to inject MAG’s employees with an individual competitive edge and be agile to drive operational sustainability.

It provides opportunities for employees to be enriched with other job competencies either in a specialised capacity (facilities management, audit, etc.) or general and trainable areas (sales, IT helpdesk, etc.).

But most importantly, the programme also enables employees to lend their expertise and services to support the long-term business goals of the company, thereby offering a sustainable solution in the process. Along with that, the programme will allow newly equipped employees to explore other avenues to grow, as well as to develop their potential in the group.

This group of retrained employees will also be temporarily re-assigned to support other departments that may need additional staff for critical roles or job functions resulting from the constrained workforce due to the pandemic.

This initiative is offered on a voluntary basis and will be subjected to job pre-requisites and selection criteria of the receiving department. That being said, all assignments will be on a full-time basis — with the involved employees still being able to maintain their job license validity. Approved employees will then be equipped with the knowledge and new skill sets through coaching and training to prepare for the new role.

The period of the interim assignment will be entirely dependent on MAG’s business and operational requirements going forward. 

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