Homes From The Year 2030 Onwards

First things first, it’s certainly worth noting that the homes of the future (particularly from the year 2030 onwards) will be stylistically and aesthetically similar to the previous decade. Most of what you see in homes from the years 2020 to 2029, you’ll also find in 2030 and onwards, albeit in more advanced fashion. 

However, things will inevitably change at a frenetic pace over the years. Trends and patterns come and go. And technology will become outdated in a blink of an eye. Plus, plenty of new-age modern tech may also be developed within a mere decade.

You Will Still Need A Dedicated Parking Space At Home

Recall the flying cars as envisioned by the great sci-fi and futuristic TV shows and movies back in the day. Realistically speaking, those aerial, hovering vehicles are pretty much an impossibility at the rate our technology is advancing currently. Thus, in 2030, you will still need a dedicated garage or parking spot at home to park your vehicle. 

While flying cars are a pipe dream at this point, futuristic vehicles are still awesome, surely?

Do expect smart vehicles to replace traditional fuel-powered ones in most homes. And also expect electric vehicles to be the de facto vehicle of choice among drivers worldwide. 

In 2030, charging points will be ubiquitous to the point that you’ll have at least one installed at the back of the garage. It is also here that you’ll find a sleek and futuristic battery pack which manages the energy requirements and storage of the entire home.

The Homes of 2030 Will Generate Its Own Energy

Speaking of which, the future is looking bright for homes as you will no longer be reliant on the grid. Instead, the homes of the 2030s will be able to generate its own energy by utilising a whole host of energy-drawing devices and generators installed strategically around the house. 

For instance, each of your roof tiles could be replaced by an individual solar cell that can gather energy from the sun.

Your Paint Job Will Last Longer

Aesthetics-wise, the painted exterior of your home may look like any run-of-the-mill coat of paint. But upon closer inspection, you can see that wall paint in the future will also be a technological wonder in and of itself — with nanoparticles being the go-to material for creating futuristic wall paint.

These miraculous nanoparticles will melt and knit together when heated, as well as being able to self-repair itself whenever any cracking or ageing occurs. Just apply some heat, and voila!

Accessing The Homes of 2030

In the future, your house keys will be a purposeless relic of the past. Instead, your front door will recognise you as soon as you come within range of it. Additionally, you’ll also be able to add to a list, multiple welcomed parties like family members, friends, frenemies, and the like.

Likewise, you’ll also be able to deny entry to anyone you’ve deemed unwelcomed. Your home security system will be more than capable of handling any gatecrashers and preventing bad guys from breaking in. 

Electric-lined windows will give home breakers a surprising shock and sturdy shutters will adorn nearly all access points in the homes of the future. Also, HD surveillance will definitely provide unprecedented peace of mind.

AIs Will Be Managing Your House In The Year 2030

Forget the analogue days of the past, from 2030 onwards you can expect most houses to be fully managed by an artificial intelligence (AI) system. 

The house AI will control almost every aspect of the environment in your home including the lighting and room temperature without the need for any manual input from humans. As a result, switches and remote controls won’t be needed anymore in 2030.

If you need anything, just ask. If you want music, request it from your AI. And if you need a new recipe to cook, just say it out loud. Chances are, your AI will be more than willing to fulfil your requests without any complaints. 

Evidently, we’re already heading towards an AI-controlled home with the introduction of Google Home and Amazon Echo in the present. In 2030, the entire house will function as one massive voice-activated personal assistant.

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