Diagrams Made Easy Using Radica Software

The age of digitalization is never-ending, and almost every human process that you may imagine has already made the trek across the divide into the cyber world. Diagramming is one such mundane task that most, if not all, engineers dread.

Worry not, for there is a way to easily (but more importantly, quickly) create engineering diagrams with a push of a button or a click of a mouse. 

Enter Radica Software.

Radica Software — Easy To Use Online Electrical CAD Software

Radica Software is a tech company situated in the laidback town of Ipoh in Malaysia which specialises in shortening overall project time via their innovative software. 

More impressively, the software is currently being used by a multitude of global corporations including Apple, SpaceX, and NASA — who utilise it to design control systems for ships, planes, trains, cars, and even rockets.

Established in 2005, Radica aims to improve the efficiency of engineers when undertaking a huge project. Their first software, Electra was developed to lower the time requirements of the engineers when it came to automating the circuit creation processes — effectively enabling engineers to complete the circuit at a rate of three to five times faster.

Additionally, Electra also automated the reporting aspect of the project by allowing engineers to generate project reports with a click of a button instead of manually typing it out.

But other than Electra, Radica Software also has a varied lineup of software in their catalogue like Vecta — a cloud-based team diagramming editor which allows members to collaborate in real-time on a drawing. Other than that, Nano is Radica’s attempt at providing a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) compressor software that is able to save between 60 to 80% of storage and bandwidth cost.

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